Milenika Shoes are handcrafted in Europe, designed to provide unparalleled fit, comfort and superior quality using the finest Italian leather, suedes and exotic hides available. Exceptional craftsmanship and creativity are the ingredients that allow the company to assert itself onto the world scene. This concept collection includes a variety of styles including ballerina, sandals, flat sandals, pumps, derby and oxford shoes, ankle boots, riding boots and a rather stylish collection of men’s ankle boots.

In addition, the product line also includes matching Italian leather purses and a collection of men’s and women’s high end umbrellas showing a hint of Milena’s signature black and white stripes.

Milenika Shoes was founded by the very talented and artistic Slovenia footwear designer Milena Hrastnik and her equally creative husband and cofounder Dušan. The Milenika brand, born in 2013 is already catching the attention of media, fashionistas and celebrities worldwide.

As a wholesale manufacturer, Milenika Shoes sells its superb product line to higher end department stores, boutiques and specialty shoe stores, offering affordable, low minimums to our retail customers

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